A bit about me and what I do.

Hello and welcome to my website!
I am 38 years old. When I was a small boy I was diagnosed with a moderate learning disability and doctors said that I would not be able to read, write or live independently.

With huge effort and determination from me, excellent specialist help and amazing support from family and friends here I am today, working hard and really enjoying running tombestcraft!

I love hand-making bespoke rugs and slippers for people.
Each item I make has its own story for the person who orders it or the person that they are ordering it for, making it all the more special.

Everyone loves having something that is made just exactly for them, with the particular colours, pictures or designs that are their favourite – tombestcraft means you can have your own perfect rug or snug pair of slippers that say something about you and what you love.

Send me an email to enquire about your our products
Email me at tombestcraft@yahoo.co.uk